There are special places in this world that set themselves apart from the ordinary and make a genuinely meaningful connection with you from the moment you first arrive. Crested Butte, Colorado is that amazing type of place. Surrounded by stunning vistas of Mt. Crested Butte’s alpine paradise, the WestWall Lodge embodies luxury while maintaining an unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere.



The Ute Indians first recognized the grandeur of Crested Butte when they used the area to hunt in the summer months. Miners arrived in 1860 looking for silver, and by 1902 Crested Butte was one of the leading coal producers in Colorado. The ski area opened in the winter of 1962-1963. Offering over 700 miles of singletrack, Crested Butte is also one of the founding homes of mountain biking. The first mountain bike club on the planet, CBMBA, was formed here in 1983. Adventurous spirits who come for the winter and stay for the summer are forging the more recent history of Crested Butte. Known as the wildflower capital of Colorado, Crested Butte is also one of the most well preserved mining communities in America. All of the brightly colored homes surrounding Elk Avenue are protected as a National Historic District. Crested Butte is a perfect vacation destination for anyone interested in heritage tourism or outdoor adventure. Ski, bike, hike, take a float trip, and discover adventure in this mountain paradise.