All guests staying at WestWall Lodge (Premises) must be registered with the front desk upon arrival. All individuals, family, guests and invitees (collectively, the “Guest”) shall be required to sign an Agreement at check-in, including an agreement to abide by all of WestWall Lodge’s rules, regulations and policies. Guests may check in after 3:00 pm. We request that guests check out by 10:00 am. Room rates are based on max occupancy. Any additional adults/children will be charged according to the published rate schedule. Unauthorized guests will be charged $50 per guest / per night and will be subject to immediate eviction. This is deemed theft of services. The registered party shall be responsible for the penalty charge. WestWall Lodge Property Management, LLC (hereinafter Property Management) reserves the right to enter and inspect any room upon showing of good cause. Property Management shall have access to Guest’s unit for daily cleaning, basic and other needed maintenance, emergencies, and other reasons Guest may request.

CANCELLATIONS. The cancellation policy for reservations is: Booking deposit of 50% of the total reservation is non-refundable. Full balance on the reservation is due 30 days prior to arrival date at which point, all payments are non-refundable. If Guest cancels within thirty days of check-in, he or she forfeits his or her entire deposit and payment for the rental of the Premises. This provision is subject to any travel insurance Guest has in place, and any deposit protection Property Manager has offered and Guest has purchased from the same.

SUBSTITUTIONS. In the event the unit becomes unavailable prior to check-in, Property Manager shall notify Guest and use its best efforts to place Guest in a substitute property of similar rate and kind. If the rate for the substituted property is greater than that originally contracted for, Guest shall be only obligated to pay for the original rate, provided that the substitution is due to no fault of Guest. If Guest has a confirmed reservation for a specifically requested unit and Guest does not consent to the substitution, Guest shall receive a full refund of the deposit tendered.

If a Guest is placed in a unit, and asks to be moved to another unit after check-in for a reason not related to the fitness of the unit, Property Manager shall use its best efforts to relocate said Guest to another unit; however, Property Manager makes no guarantees that a unit of similar rate and kind shall be available. In any event, Guest shall pay the rental rate of the substituted unit.

If a Guest is required to be moved because the subject unit has become unfit for rental, Guest shall be placed in a substitute unit; however, Property Manager makes no guarantees that a similar unit shall be available for occupancy. Guest shall only be obligated to pay the rate originally contracted for.

Following guest check out, WestWall Lodge staff will inspect the rental property for damages or missing inventory. If owner property is damaged or missing, the appropriate repair or replacement cost will be charged to the credit card responsible for the payment of the vacation rental and/or to the Guest individually. Guest shall further be responsible for any cleaning charges, beyond normal wear and tear.

Guests staying at WestWall Lodge are entitled to the assigned parking space in the garage. Please respect the rights of the other guests and owners by parking in your designated space. The lobby doors will be locked after reception hours, which vary seasonally. For more information on hours of availability, ask the Front Desk.

The Pool & Spa Hours are from 10am until 8pm. Please do not bring glass containers into the pool area. Plastic cups are available at the Alpine Club Bar. Proper swimwear is required. All children must be accompanied by an adult who is physically present on the pool patio; adult supervision from a unit’s deck overlooking the pool is not sufficient. Guests are able to use the towels provided on the Premises for the Alpine Club and its facilities. Please return the towels when you are done using them. Guests may only bring alcohol purchased from the Alpine Club Bar to the pool patio area, no outside alcohol is permitted.

Waste bags are located around the property for your convenience. Ask the front desk for details. Guests staying at the WestWall Lodge are only allowed to bring pets to designated residences. Pets are not allowed to visit the Gym. All pets are required to stay on-leash throughout the property. If your pet is observed acting aggressively towards other pets or guests, or if you fail to follow our leash policy, this may result in forfeiture of your entire pet deposit. Furthermore, if you fail to follow our leash policy, or if your pet is observed acting aggressively towards other pets or guests, management reserves the right to deny your pet further lodging at the WestWall Lodge and require you to board your pet in a local kennel at your own expense for the remainder of your stay. If an employee of the WestWall Lodge observes you leaving your pet’s waste on our grounds instead of disposing of it properly, a portion of your pet deposit will be forfeited for each offense. All guests who bring pets will be charged a non-refundable $200 weekly fee. All guests who bring pets will also be required to pay a refundable pet deposit based on the size of their pets as follows: 1 pet under 40 lbs. $250, 1 pet over 40 lbs. $350, 2 pets under 40 lbs. $350, 2 pets over 40 lbs. $500. If your pet damages property at the WestWall Lodge and the cost of repair or replacement exceeds the amount of your refundable pet deposit, you will be responsible for the total cost of repair or replacement of damaged items in full. All additional costs will be billed to the credit card responsible for the payment of the vacation rental.

The State of Colorado is a smoke-free state. The Premises, all units, and balconies are non-smoking. There is a minimum $100 charge for violating the non-smoking policy. This policy has and will be enforced with absolutely no exceptions.

Guest shall comply with all federal, state, municipal and other laws, ordinances, rules and regulations and policies applicable to the Premises. Guest recognizes that its use of the common areas and other areas of the Building is subject to maintenance and control by the Property Manager, and Guest agrees to abide by any reasonable rules and regulations and policies adopted by the Property Manager on the use of such areas.

We would like you to enjoy your stay at WestWall Lodge, but in order to ensure the comfort of all our guests, we request that you keep your doors closed and refrain from excessive noise in your room or balcony as well as gathering in the hallways. Guest shall not commit any act which is a nuisance or annoyance to owners, other guests, which might, in the sole judgment of the Property Manager, damage the owner of the unit or the Premise’s goodwill or reputation, or tend to injure the unit, Premises or the Building.

A ski valet service offers ski equipment storage at WestWall Lodge. Leaving any ski equipment in the hallways or lobby of WestWall Lodge is prohibited. Ski equipment may be left in the locker room if you use the ski valet services. The waxing of skis/boards is strictly prohibited. However, you may contract directly with a third party or Black Tie Ski Rentals for tuning and other ski related services, such as rental and demo.

Guest agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify WestWall Lodge at Mt. Crested Butte Condominium Association, Inc., The Alpine Club at WestWall Lodge, LLC, WestWall Lodge Property Management, LLC, and the owner of the individual Unit which you rent from all claims (including all costs, expenses, liabilities and reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising or alleged to arise from any act or omission of Guest or other guests and invitees, or arising from any injury or damage to any person or the property of any person occurring in or about the Premises during the term of your stay. Guest agrees to waive any and all liability of West Wall Lodge at Mt. Crested Butte Condominium Association, Inc., and each of the foregoing members, managers, employees, agents, and representatives, and the owner of the Premises from any and all claims for any damage or injury to the full extent permitted by law. Except as otherwise provided herein, this Agreement shall be binding upon the heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of the parties hereto.

I have read the above stated WestWall Lodge policies, understand them, and agree to abide by them.